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Walking to end terror Featuring Erin Baines
Description: Erin Baines, research director for the conflict and development program at the Liu Institute for Global Issues, will show Adrian Bradbury and Kieran Hayward, the organizers of the GuluWalk awareness campaign, around Gulu w
Date: 24 February 2006
Author: John Goddard
Source: The Toronto Star
A symbolic walk along Danforth Ave. last summer is leading all the way to Africa for two champions of Uganda's terrorized children.

In two weeks, Adrian Bradbury and Kieran Hayward are to arrive in the blighted northern town of Gulu, namesake for their originally modest GuluWalk awareness campaign about one of the world's worst cases of mass child abuse...

Coincidentally, CBC Newsworld aired the documentary Uganda's Haunted Children: The Hard Road Home last night and Thursday, labelling Uganda "the worst country in the world to be a child."

Reporter Natalie Clancy told of the cruelty of the Lord's Resistance Army, originally a rebel group but now a roving criminal gang. It routinely abducts boys and girls for use as child soldiers and sex slaves, and forces them to commit almost unimaginable atrocities, including slaughtering their parents.

To avoid capture, children leave their mud villages every afternoon and walk for up to three hours to sleep in Gulu and other protected town centres, the film showed. Then they start home again at dawn without breakfast.

Clancy also followed Erin Baines, research director for conflict and development at the University of British Columbia's Liu Institute for Global Issues, into crowded displaced people's camps that she has been documenting on and off for three years...

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