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Where's Canada?
Description: For anyone who loves this country, hates this country or is ambivalent about this whole vast land mass, Michael Byers' voice may be the most exciting to appear in decades.
Date: 16 September 2007
Author: Janice Kennedy
Source: Ottawa Citizen

With his easy smile, self-deprecating manner and earnest brown eyes, Vancouver professor Michael Byers looks nothing at all like a scourge or a thorn. But he is both, and tirelessly.

Ask Stephen Harper.

An insistent thorn in the prime minister's side, Byers is also the scourge of "Canada's New Government." Possessing the most impeccable of political and intellectual credentials, the 41-year-old scholar and expert on international law returned just three years ago from teaching stints outside the country to add his voice to the public dialogue.

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