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Introducing "Reports from the Field" -- An online forum for debate and comment
Description: The Liu Institute for Global Issues aims to bridge the gap between academics and practitioners. In our blog, Reports from the Field, Liu Institute researchers will offer information and analysis on global issues negotiations.
Date: 31 May 2010

Visit Reports from the Field at


This week, diplomats and civil society representatives from around the world converge in Kampala, Uganda, to chart the future of the International Criminal Court. For the next two weeks, while this historic event occurs, the Liu Institute for Global Issues will be hosting an online forum for debate and comment at The forum will be analytically rigorous but accessible to a general public, addressing the ICC and related issues of transitional justice, international law and politics, post-conflict reconstruction, and transnational civil society.

Three University of British Columbia doctoral students - Adam Bower, Asad Kiyani, and Chris Tenove - will facilitate the dialogue. They are posting their own analyses and soliciting contributions from academics and practitioners. Adam and Chris are in Kampala now and will be offering daily reportage as the Review Conference develops.

We encourage contributions from readers -- that means you! If you have a substantive addition to make to the debate, please add a comment to an existing post or email a submission to Chris, Adam, and Asad at

We hope you enjoy the site!

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