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BC researchers looking for a long-term solution to energy poverty
Description: Researchers in British Columbia are looking for a solution to a problem affecting nearly half the planet’s population: the lack of clean burning cooking fuel. They presented their work at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. About 2.5 billion people worldwide rely on burning wood, agricultural residues or animal dung for cooking and another half a billion rely on burning coal. The World Health Organization estimates that two million people die each year due to the indoor pollution. Scientists are looking for ways to get people to switch to using cleaner cookstoves. “We’re fundamentally talking about households having to make choices to get new technologies,” said Hisham Zerriffi, with the Liu Institute for Global Issues at UBC. “That’s a complex decision because if you’re a household using biomass, you might be collecting that biomass for free.”
Date: 27 February 2012
Author: Lorn Curry
Source: Radio Canada International
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