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Oceans running out of fish as undeclared catches add a third to official figures
Description: The global catch of fish and seafood is falling at three times the rate reported by the United Nations and urgently needs to be slowed to avoid a crash.
Date: 19 January 2016
Author: Christopher Pala
Source: Ecologist

The global fish catch is worth about $80 billion, so $20 billion is 25% of their income", explained Rashid Sumaila, Liu Faculty Associate and fisheries economist at UBC. "That means that any fishing company that doesn't make a 25% profit is going to go out of business" if these subsidies end.

That would be a good thing, he said. Not only do industrial fleets deplete fish stocks, but many, such as the bottom trawlers, also destroy the sea bottom - a fishing method that's often compared to razing a forest to catch its deer.

Learn more in this article in the Ecologist.

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