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Yoshitaka Ota
Research Fellow
Office: n/a
Office Phone: 604-822-2731
Dr. Ota is Co-Director of the NF-UBC Nereus Program, an international initiative comprising an interdisciplinary team of scientists who contribute to the body of knowledge regarding the implementation of sustainable fisheries and effective governance. Dr. Ota has a background in social anthropology at the University College London and is a member of the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Aboriginal Fisheries Research Unit. Prior to joining UBC, Yoshi worked at the University of Kent (Department of Anthropology and the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology) and at the Ocean Policy Research Foundation, a policy think-tank located in Tokyo. During his work in the UK and Japan, Yoshi conducted ethnographic research on various coastal communities, studying the socialization and cultural meanings associated with fishing practices. He was also engaged in policy research involving Japanese coastal management and marine spatial planning.

Aside from co-directing the Nereus Program and developing new, interdisciplinary research initiatives with the fellows of affiliated universities (including the University of Cambridge, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Duke University, and Princeton University), Yoshi is currently engaged with various research projects related to ocean governance and marine management, such as the following: a socio-cultural analysis of small-scale fisheries (developing a global database of indigenous fisheries with Dr. Daniel Pauly at UBC’s Fisheries Centre); implementing marine spatial planning and fostering a local management initiative in a fishing community in Japan (through collaboration with Dr. Masahiro Matsuura at the University of Tokyo); a theoretical approach towards more comprehensive, cross-scale governance and a new tool for fisheries management (jointly developing the concept of ‘conservation burden’ with Dr. Quentin Hanich at the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security); and advancing corporate social responsibility associated with marine activities (collaborating with Ms. Linda Coady and Jane Lister at UBC’s Liu Institute for Global Issues). 

Also, With Dr. William Cheung (head of the Changing Ocean Research Unit at UBC), he jointly supervises Lauren Weatherdon, a Master's student studying the effects of climate change on First Nations fisheries located in coastal British Columbia.

Yoshi is also passionate about supporting the post-tsunami relief for the northern Japanese fisheries communities and has recently coordinated young scientists’ school visits to the communities.

Dr Ota’s selected publications are listed here.

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