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Shafik Dharamsi and Jerry Spiegel published an article in Springer about global health research ethics.
19 April 2013
Conor Reynolds
A study on bicycle route infrastructure and cyclist injuries in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada.
1 December 2012
Conor Reynolds
A look at the use of bicycle safety equipment and cyclist injuries.
30 September 2012
Burning coal, wood or charcoal for cooking kills two million people worldwide, each year — more than malaria — thanks to severe respiratory diseases this causes through indoor pollution, warns an expert. Energy poverty, which is about limited access to clean sources of energy, is practically driving half the global population to rely on such smoke producing sources of fuel, probably the biggest source of indoor pollution, says Hisham Zerriffi, an assistant professor at the Liu Institute for Global Issues at UBC. “Energy poverty is one of the biggest human welfare issues of our day,” he says. The work was presented on Friday at the 2012 annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Vancouver.
17 February 2012
Shafik Dharamsi
27 July 2011
Jeremy Snyder, Shafik Dharamsi, Valorie A Crooks
26 May 2011
Hisham Zerriffi
Prof. Hisham Zerriffi outlines the energy poverty problem in this TEDx Georgia Straight Forum "The New Energy".
8 April 2011
Shafik Dharamsi
6 December 2010
Jerry Spiegel, Robert Huish
This article examines how Canada has approached the challenge of global health in its foreign policy and the degree to which the much-discussed concept of human security has influenced this. In exploring this subject, we specifically focus on Canadian provision of foreign aid for health. It observes that despite the needs and opportunities for stepping up assistance in recent years, Canada’s foreign policy has not transformed itself to meet the challenge of overcoming global inequalities.
27 May 2010
Tania J. Keefe, Mark W. Zacher
This new and important volume focuses on changes global health governance and the factors that have shaped the nature of governance. It examines governance strategies concerning the surveillance of infectious diseases, emergency medical controls over outbreaks, rules that inhibit the spread of diseases across borders, financial and material assistance to facilitate long-term health programs, and international legal reforms that promote improvements in access to health programs.
24 June 2008
Jerry Spiegel, Robert Huish
This article provides a case study of how Cuba’s foreign policy initiatives in primary health-care provision has led to a practice that addresses basic needs and enhances capabilities for the marginalized – at root a central concern of human security!
1 June 2008
Jerry Spiegel
Promoting Health in Response to Global Tourism Expansion in Cuba. J. M. Spiegel; M. Gonzalez; G. J. Cabrera; S. Catasus; C. Vidal; A. Yassi. Health Promotion International 2007. Health Promotion International Advance Access published December 14, 2007.
14 December 2007
Jerry Spiegel
As antiretroviral (ARV) therapy becomes increasingly accessible in sub-Saharan Africa, it is important to understand whether and how the associated clinical improvements correspond with changes in the incidence of pregnancy and fertility
6 December 2006
Karen Winzoski
Karen Winzoski "A Tale of Two Industries: How the chemical and pharmaceutical industries have influenced US arms control policy" ISA Conference, San Diego 2006.
4 March 2006
Jerry Spiegel
On the fateful day of Sept 11, 2001, a group of 25 Canadian university-based and low and middle income country (LMIC) health researchers were wrapping up a workshop with funding agencies and non-governmental organizations at UBC’s Liu Institute for Global Issues.
8 February 2006
Craig Andrews
Much of Africa's struggle with HIV/AIDS has focused on preventive measures-public awareness and condom distribution campaigns-essential for eliminating new infections
1 July 2003
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