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Publications in "Corporate Social Responsibility" research area
Jane Lister, Genevieve LeBaron
The research argues that supply chain audits are working for corporations but failing workers and the environment
15 January 2016
New research by Liu Scholar, Sara D. Elder, explores the role of corporate social responsibility as a business tool to promote food security in the global South.
8 July 2015
Jane Lister
Jane Lister, co-author (with Peter Dauvergne) of "Eco-Business: A Big-Brand Takeover of Sustainability", speaks to Radio New Zealand about whether the recent corporate embrace of 'sustainability' is making any environmental impact on the earth.
19 June 2013
Peter Dauvergne, Jane Lister
An excerpt from Peter Dauvergne and Jane Lister's book, Eco-Business, is published in The World Financial Review.
29 May 2013
Peter Dauvergne, Jane Lister
A new book by Peter Dauvergne and Jane Lister.
1 April 2013
Jane Lister, Peter Dauvergne
Peter Dauvergne and Jane Lister published a new open access article on the e-IR website for International Relations scholars on the corporatization of sustainability.
17 January 2013
Jane Lister, Genevieve LeBaron
A Working Paper on the Political Economy of Transnational Retail Governance in China.
6 July 2012
Jane Lister
Postdoctoral Fellow, Jane Lister's new book on international approaches to forest co-regulation is now available.
9 June 2011
Jane Lister, Peter Dauvergne
This trailblazing book is the first to expose what's happening inside corporate commodity chains with conclusions that fundamentally challenge our understanding of how and why deforestation persists.
3 March 2011
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