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Publications in "Resource Conflict" research area
Philippe Le Billon
Focusing on three key resources of oil, diamonds,and timber, Associate Professor Phillipe Le Billion's book explores the outbreak of war and conflict in resource-rich countries.
17 January 2012
Wade Huntley
Canada's exemplary record as a steadfast advocate of global nuclear disarmament faces a moment of truth. A new deal to re-open global nuclear co-operation with India is nearing completion. Canada will soon be called upon to formally support exempting India from Nuclear Suppliers Group restrictions on nuclear trade with countries lacking "full-scope" International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards on all their nuclear facilities. Drawing on the recently released Canadian Policy on Nuclear Cooperation with India[link to web page], Huntley examines the dilemmas facing Canadian policy-makers and urges that encouraging global nuclear disarmament remain a basis for building future relations with India.
20 December 2007
Philippe Le Billon
The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has taken an unprecedented number of measures to tackle links between natural resources and armed conflicts over the past decade
30 May 2007
Philippe Le Billon
Geographies of War: Perspectives on ‘Resource Wars’
1 January 2007
Philippe Le Billon
Securing transparency: Armed conflicts and the management of natural resource revenues
1 January 2007
Philippe Le Billon
Fatal Transactions: conflict diamonds and the (anti)terrorist consumer
1 September 2006
Edited by: Philippe Le Billon
From the oil fields of the Persian Gulf to the diamond mines of West Africa, millions of people in resource rich countries have seen their lives devastated as a result of exploitative commercial relations, corrupt governance, and war. Going beyond conventional arguments of violent competition over scarce resources, this edited volume provides critical perspectives on so-called ‘resource wars?
12 July 2005
Philippe Le Billon
Corruption, reconstruction and oil governance in Iraq
1 June 2005
Philippe Le Billon
Corruption in Construction and Post-Conflict Reconstruction
13 April 2005
Erin Baines
Director, Conflict & Development Programme
1 April 2005
Philippe Le Billon
Aid in the midst of plenty: oil wealth, misery, and advocacy in Angola
1 March 2005
Philippe Le Billon
Fuelling war. Natural resources and armed conflicts
1 March 2005
Philippe Le Billon, F. El Khatib
From free oil to ‘freedom oil? terrorism, war and US geopolitics in the Persian Gulf
1 March 2004
Philippe Le Billon
The geopolitical economy of ‘resource wars'
1 March 2004
Philippe Le Billon
Buying peace or fuelling war: the role of corruption in armed conflicts
1 May 2003
Philippe Le Billon
The political ecology of war and resource exploitation
1 April 2003
Philippe Le Billon
Matières premières, violences et conflits armés
1 April 2003
Philippe Le Billon
Logging in muddy waters: the politics of forest exploitation in Cambodia
1 December 2002
Philippe Le Billon
Most downloaded article for this journal in 2004
1 June 2001
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