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Remembering Rwanda: Ten Years After Genocide
Remembering Rwanda: Ten Years After Genocide
Press Release
April 2, 2004
Vancouver – It has been 10 years since the loss of one million lives in the Rwandan Genocide. The Liu Institute for Global Issues at the University of British Columbia has formed a partnership with Rwandan Associations across Canada to commemorate each life lost by listening to the story of one brave survivor, Madame Esther Mujawayo. In post-genocide Rwanda, Esther Mujawayo went on to co-found the largest widow’s association in Rwanda, AVEGA (Rwandan Widow’s Association). ”I lost my husband, I lost my father and mother. I lost my sister, with her whole family. I lost my uncles. So there was nobody, this time, to take care of me; there was nobody left for me to mourn or grieve with. So we made AVEGA our family.“ Through this family, they found ways of moving on together. Madame Mujawayo’s story and her reflections on what Canadians can do to stop future genocides can be heard in forums across Canada, including the following cities: Ottawa (April 5-7), Vancouver (April 8), Edmonton (April 9), Toronto (April 10th), Montreal (April 11th), Winnipeg (April 13th) and again in Toronto (April 15th). Liu Institute Director Lloyd Axworthy will join Madame Mujawayo in Vancouver and Winnipeg. Mr. Axworthy, who will be speaking at the UN on the 10th Anniversary of the Genocide said, ”This commemoration is a time for all of us to reflect on the responsibility to protect civilians and what we, as Canadians, can and should do to ensure the protection of humanity.“ This speaking tour is part of the Remembering Rwanda 10th Anniversary Memorial Project, a global initiative to commemorate the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, raise international awareness and recognition, and document and educate in order to preserve the memory of the victims and those who tried to assist them. For more information, see scheduled events at
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