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Colombia: Accord Exempting U.S. Citizens from Prosecution Compromises International Justice
Colombia: Accord Exempting U.S. Citizens from Prosecution Compromises International Justice
Press Release
June 25, 2004
Vancouver – A bilateral accord was signed this week in Colombia, exempting citizens of the United States in the South American country from being prosecuted by the International Criminal Court. The accord guarantees that U.S. citizens will not be handed to the court, and effectively facilitates the resumption of military aide from the U.S. to Colombia, which had been suspended in early July. Robert Adamson, Director of the Liu Institute's Global Justice Program, emphasizes that the ongoing efforts of the current U.S. Administration to limit the reach of the International Criminal Court can seriously compromise the potential and principle of international justice. ”One day, hopefully soon, the current Administration will realize that the best way to combat serious international crimes, including terrorism, is through international law and cooperation, including the International Criminal Court and all other components of an emerging global justice system,“ said Adamson. The Global Justice Program builds on Canada's strong commitment to international justice and the International Criminal Court. The objective of the program is to mobilize Canadian and global commitment and expertise to ensure that there is an effective, managed, strategic and global approach to an emerging international justice system. The program has already established global networks and forums on a variety of issues including: technical and political support for the International Criminal Court, an international policy forum for post-conflict justice and reconstruction in Iraq, an operational guide and network for practitioners dealing with victims and witnesses in international courts, a task force for addressing international terrorism, and a strategic plan for bilateral and multilateral programs for criminal law reform. Media are invited to contact Robert Adamson through Kristin Loheyde (604-822-9957) or Mario Canseco (604-822-1402)
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