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CBC Radio - The Current
Aid Workers
CBC Radio - The Current
Aid Workers

December 24, 2004
The Current: Part 2

Aid Workers
It's been an extremely difficult year for international humanitarian agencies in Iraq, Sudan, Haiti and other countries around the world. Aid workers have been targeted and killed. Many organizations have been forced out of countries in need -- including Save the Children-UK, which left Sudan earlier this week. And yet the demand for this crucial humanitarian assistance is still urgent, as war and unrest continue. So as the end of the year approaches, we're taking stock of some of 2004's bigger humanitarian stories. And for some first-hand perspective, we contacted three Canadian aid workers, one in South America, one in Haiti and one just returned from Africa. We listened to the voices of Cindy Isaac, Pierre Shantz and Sylvie Ouellette, three Canadian aid workers in some of the world's many trouble spots this year.

Aid Workers Panel
Well now to discuss the changing conditions for humanitarian work, and to look at parts of the world that don't receive much international attention, we were joined by three people who work in this field. David Agnew is the President of UNICEF Canada, and he was in Toronto. Emmanuel Isch is the Director of Emergency Relief for World Vision, he was also in Toronto. And Erin Baines is the Director of Conflict and Development at the Liu Institute, at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

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