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Troops in violation of Geneva rules: experts
Troops in violation of Geneva rules: experts
David Pugliese, CanWest News Service
February 15, 2005
OTTAWA - Canadian troops who hooded and handcuffed prisoners in Afghanistan last year potentially violated the Geneva Convention, according to human rights and international law specialists. International law expert Michael Byers and Amnesty International Canada chief Alex Neve say it is a mistake for Canada's top soldier, General Rick Hillier to dismiss concerns raised by a military police officer last year about the way prisoners were treated during a raid in Afghanistan. Mr. Byers, a University of British Columbia international law professor, also suggested photographing the captives and putting those images on the Defence Department's Web site is a violation of the Geneva Convention. "Certainly, the U.S. argued that the distribution of photographs of some of its own troops captured in Iraq was a violation of that provision," said Mr. Byers. "What's good for the goose has to be good for the gander here."

Concerns were raised last January by Major J.M. Wilson, commandant of the Canadian Forces Service Prison and Detention Barracks in Edmonton, who saw images of Afghan detainees with sandbag covers over their heads.

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