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Prof. Michael Byers holds the lament
Prof. Michael Byers holds the lament
Michael Byers
July 11, 2006
Are we becoming American? That was George Grant's contention forty years ago when he wrote Lament for a Nation, pronouncing that Canada had effectively ceased to exist because the important aspects of Canadian politics and society would be overwhelmed by the continental capitalism and universal modernism radiating from the United States. In Saturday's Focus section, Michael Byers, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at the University of British Columbia, used Grant's thesis as his starting point, and argued that despite free trade and a current foreign policy that's gradually falling into line with that of the United States, Canada has become more distinctive of the U.S., not less so. His essay, One nation, hold the lament, is a biting criticism of pro-continental policies of current and past Canadian governments, including Brian Mulroney's free-trade pact, Jean Chrétien's ratification of the FTA and Stephen Harper's foreign policy agenda. Professor Michael Byers was on-line right earlier Tuesday to take questions and defend his argument. See below to read the complete discussion.

Click here to read the complete discussion.

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