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Examining Israel 's 'right to defend itself'
Examining Israel 's 'right to defend itself'
Michael Byers
July 16, 2006
Two years ago, over lunch, I debated self-defence with the lawyer who advises the Israeli Defence Force. The lawyer in question is a colonel with a Harvard doctorate; the invitation came while I was a visiting professor at the University of Tel Aviv. After just a few minutes, my host cut to the chase: "There have been a number of missile attacks along our northern border," she said. "We're going to respond with air strikes against some Hezbollah installations in southern Lebanon next week. What do you think?" I was taken aback. Governments don't usually consult foreign academics about their military plans. I struggled for a moment. "Well, for starters, any act of self-defence has to be necessary and proportionate."... Click here for the complete article
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