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Global Focus: On the Edges of Conflict
Benjamin Perrin, Brian Job
Armed conflict in the early 21st century tends to be asymmetrical and protracted, fought by an array of armed groups on both physical and political battlefields, and causing disproportionate suffering and death to civilians. The Edges of Conflict Project is working to better understand the nature of such conflict and to improve respect for the rule of law in complex security environments.
Climate Change and Security Project
Brian Job, Leanne Smythe
Over the next 30 years, climate change will emerge as a global security concern of unprecedented scope and seriousness. Researchers at the Liu Institute for Global Issues have launched a research project which is exploring the security implications of climate change for Canada.
Global Focus: What should Canada be doing in Afghanistan post-2011?
Taylor Owen, Emily Padden
To discuss this issue, the Liu Institute hosted a workshop on "Peacebuilding - Afghanistan after 2011", chaired by Taylor Owen and Emily Paddon, with support from Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and the Trudeau Foundation.
A forewarned future. As 'climate security' forecast darkens, is Canada ready?
By Mike Blanchfield
Flooding. Drought. Wildfires. Mass migrations of desperate people. Mike Blanchfield explains why security experts fear climate change will lead to war on a scale we have yet to see on this planet. Margaret Purdy, senior research fellow at the Center of International Relations, says "I don't want to be a scaremonger, but I am concerned climate change does not seem to be a priority within Canada's security, intelligence, defence establishment. I'm concerned that, as far as I know, Canadian security players haven't analysed the existing scientific reports." Purdy says, that with the exception of some notable work in the departments of Health and Natural Resources, no one has tried to quantify the long-term security effects of climate change in Canada.
July 28, 2009
Historians and Chinese World Order: Fairbank, Wang, and the Matter of ‘Indeterminate Relevance’
Paul Evans
Professor Paul Evans recently spoke at a conference on "Bridging China Studies and International Relations Theory", in Singapore. S.R. Nathan, President of the Republic of Singapore also attended this conference (see photo). Prof. Evans presented this paper, of which a revised version will be published in spring 2010 in a volume edited by Zheng Yongnian. Please note: This is a Conference Draft and is not for citation or quotation without the author's permission.
July 17, 2009
The Substructures of Regional Security Architecture: Some Cautionary Notes
Brian Job
Professor Brian Job spoke to a session on "The Regional Security Architecture: Identifying Weaknesses and Reform" at the 23rd Asia-Pacific Roundtable in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 4 June 2009.
July 15, 2009
After Ebola - What have we learned?
June 22, 2015
A dialogue with Dr. Francis Kateh, Deputy Minister of Health and Chief Medical Officer of Liberia.
Australia & Canada: The Future of Middle Powers in the Asia-Pacific
July 21, 2010
Presented by Thomas Wilkins, Lecturer in the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Sydney, and Brian Job, Faculty Associate in Residence at the Liu Institute for Global Issues and UBC Professor of Political Science
Networking Justice: The Local and Global in Transition
May 05, 2010
The Transitional Justice Network is hosting a one-day workshop designed to promote interdisciplinary exchange and facilitate greater networking and collaboration on related research topics across three universities in Western Canada: SFU, UVic, and UBC. The workshop will be devoted to understanding indigenous, institutional, and creative approaches to transitional justice.
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