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Making sure there are plenty more fish in the sea
Rashid Sumaila
Closing the high seas to fishing could improve the distribution of catches globally according to a study in Scientific Reports this week. The findings are based on estimates of fish stocks caught in coastal areas and the high seas, although a number of factors could cause uncertainty in these data. Thus, additional detailed analyses of the costs and benefits of high-seas closure are warranted.
The Contentious Political Economy of Biofuels
Kate Neville
In coastal east Africa, Liu Scholar Kate Neville navigates the complexity of the political economy of biofuels through visiting organizations and local communities.
Speculating on violence? Food riots and primary commodity markets
Philippe Le Billon
More than a dozen countries have recently seen public demonstrations against rising food prices. The widespread and violent character of this upheaval (and its repression) has captured the attention of the media and given way to a narrative of ‘global food crisis’.
Resource governance and armed conflicts: the cases of Sierra Leone and Iraq
Philippe Le Billon
To develop a conceptual framework for analyzing resource governance in conflict-affected countries; examine patterns of external intervention in resource governance in conflict-affected countries over the past decade; analyze the evolution, legitimacy, and impacts of external intervention in resource governance in Sierra Leone (diamonds) and Iraq (petroleum).
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