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Developing a Research Program on Globalization, Social Organization and Health
Jerry Spiegel
This Canadian-Cuban-Mexican collaboration is investigating the effects on health that are attributable to the impact of globalization on the social organization within our communities. Specifically, the program of research seeks to develop greater clarity around conceptual frameworks and then build on this to develop methodologies and research protocols for conducting cross-country studies that in turn can provide insights into the forces at play, the health implications and policy options for mitigating the negative effects of globalization.
A Collaborative Cuban-Mexican-Canadian Pilot Study of the Impact of Tourism on Gender and Health in Coastal Communities
Jerry Spiegel
With the support of the Global Health Research Program, a strong multi-disciplinary team of Canadian, Cuban and Mexican researchers was assembled to 1) improve understanding of the impact of globalization on upstream political, cultural, social and economic determinants of health; 2) generate hypotheses as to the pathways involved so that these can be pilot tested through analysis of relevant indicators as well as field research; and 3) consider policy implications.
Applying an Ecosystem Approach to Sustainably Prevent and Control Dengue in Central Havana, Cuba
Jerry Spiegel
This IDRC funded project, conducted in Centro Habana, Cuba (one of 15 municipalities in Havana City) was developed to implement and evaluate an integrated dengue surveillance system. It built on the recently completed, IDRC-funded project “Applying an Ecosystem Health Approach to Evaluating Health Interventions in Centro Habana”, which had demonstrated a highly productive and effective partnership between Canadian researchers and Cuban researchers and contributed considerably to new world knowledge.
Building Interdisciplinary Capacity in Environmental Health Risk Assessment and Management Across Cuba
Jerry Spiegel
This project aims to strengthen the capacity of the Cuban partner institutions to upgrade their teaching programs in environmental health at the diploma, Masters and PhD levels across Cuba. The philosophy of the project is that of sustainable development and inter-sectoral collaboration, including strong collaboration with industry and government authorities in Cuba. It brings together expertise in population health, economic evaluation, environmental management, health and database research, and information transfer.
Social Organization and health in a Globalizing Era: What We Can Learn From the Cuban Paradox
Jerry Spiegel
This CIHR sponsored pilot study will develop a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analytic approach to assess health determinants in Cuba, with the goal of delineating “pathways” that affect the “social construction of health”, the framework employed in Cuba and analogous to the determinants of population health model widely adopted in Canada
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