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Global Focus: On the Edges of Conflict
Benjamin Perrin, Brian Job
Armed conflict in the early 21st century tends to be asymmetrical and protracted, fought by an array of armed groups on both physical and political battlefields, and causing disproportionate suffering and death to civilians. The Edges of Conflict Project is working to better understand the nature of such conflict and to improve respect for the rule of law in complex security environments.
Climate Change and Security Project
Brian Job, Leanne Smythe
Over the next 30 years, climate change will emerge as a global security concern of unprecedented scope and seriousness. Researchers at the Liu Institute for Global Issues have launched a research project which is exploring the security implications of climate change for Canada.
Global Focus: What should Canada be doing in Afghanistan post-2011?
Taylor Owen, Emily Padden
To discuss this issue, the Liu Institute hosted a workshop on "Peacebuilding - Afghanistan after 2011", chaired by Taylor Owen and Emily Paddon, with support from Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and the Trudeau Foundation.
Southeast Asia Cooperation Program
A three-year program (2000-03) working with think tanks and policy-related institutes in Southeast Asia focusing on the concepts of cooperative and human security and their impact on regional institutions. Funded by the Canadian International Development Agency with additional support from institutes in the region.
Rebuilding American Security
A three-year program (2004-07) assessing Asian views of current US security policy, especially on non-proliferation and counter-terrorism. It included extensive use of survey research on public attitudes with special attention to South Korea and Indonesia in advance of international workshops in partnership with the East Asia Institute in Seoul and the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Jakarta. The main theme was the ways in which democratization pluralizes security discussion and complicates the management of bilateral issues. Rather than simple "anti-Americanism" or rejection of basic American values, the project discovered a more complex and sophisticated pattern of responses to specific policies of the Bush administration. Funded by the Ford Foundation.
Justice and Reconciliation Project
Erin Baines
JRP works with youth and their communities to strengthen locally owned approaches to the reintegration of ex-combatants, justice and reconciliation in war torn northern Uganda. The project is based at the Liu Institute for Global Issues, University of British Columbia.
Southeast Asian Views on the Responsibility to Protect
A series of meetings in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur in in 2003 on regional reactions to the report of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty. Funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and partner institutions in Southeast Asia.
Linking Development and Cooperative Security in Northeast Asia
A three-year program (1999-2002) for building multilateral cooperation on development and security issues in Northeast Asia. It included exchange, training, and research cooperation with policy-related institutes in China, Mongolia, North Korea, and the Russian Far East. Funded by the Canadian Indian International Development Agency and with additional support from institutes and foundations in the United States and Japan.
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