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Climate Change and Security Project
Brian Job, Leanne Smythe
Over the next 30 years, climate change will emerge as a global security concern of unprecedented scope and seriousness. Researchers at the Liu Institute for Global Issues have launched a research project which is exploring the security implications of climate change for Canada.

Project Overview:

The projections from the world’s scientists are clear.  The climate is changing in dramatic ways and no region of the world is untouched.  Average temperatures and sea levels are rising, precipitation patterns are changing, and severe weather events are becoming more frequent.

Many national governments, international organizations and think tanks have concluded that climate change has the potential to stress domestic or homeland security capabilities and to disrupt the international security environment -- simultaneously.  Canada is a laggard internationally when it comes to identifying and addressing climate change as a security challenge of unprecedented scope and seriousness.

A research team in the Liu Institute for Global Issues is exploring the potential security implications of climate change for Canada, with a particular focus on the anticipated challenges for Canadian organizations with responsibilities and accountabilities in the areas of public safety, national security and international security.

Project Team:

  • Dr. Brian Job (, Faculty Associate at the Liu Institute for Global Issues, provides overall direction to the project.
  • Margaret Purdy (, a former federal deputy minister with extensive experience in national security and public safety matters and now a Research Associate in the Liu Institute for Global Issues, is the Principal Investigator. 
  • Leanne Smythe (, a PhD candidate in Political Science at UBC, is the Principal Researcher.

For more information or to discuss collaboration opportunities, contact Margaret Purdy at or Leanne Smythe at


For links to our publications, please visit:

External Links:

For external links, please visit:

Climate Change-Security Nexus Workshop:

Please click here for information on the workshop, held in Ottawa, Canada on January 28-29, 2010.

Mailing address and phone contact:

Climate Change and Security Project Team
Liu Institute for Global Issues
6476 NW Marine Drive
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
V6T 1Z2
(604) 822-5480

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