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Joshua M. Ferguson
Liu Scholar; PhD Candidate, Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice

Joshua is a current Ph.D Candidate in the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice at the University of British Columbia. They are a recipient of two Canada Graduate Scholarships from SSHRC, for both their MA and PhD research. Joshua completed their Master of Arts in Film Studies at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Theatre and Film. Their MA thesis work explored and articulated a rich and diverse queer canon of Japanese cinema that reconnects with Japan’s cultural history of diverse genders and sexualities.

Joshua's current interdisciplinary doctoral research interweaves film studies and production, feminist theory and methodology, Asian studies and visual anthropology to explore regionally specific cultures of gender in Canada and Japan. 

Joshua has a clear vision to ignite global change on issues of sex and gender. They believe that the cinematic medium is a critical tool in fusing academia with creative practice in an effort to inspire tolerance and awareness of the diversity of queer gendered people. Documentary film can act as a beacon of hope for those struggling with being marginalized while simultaneously deploying ways for us to find success in a global landscape that has limited ideas of cinematic representation.

Research interests: cultural studies, diaspora studies, film studies, trans cinema, queer methodologies, Japan’s cultural history of genders, Japanese queer cinema, ideology and gender(s), female superheroes in comic books (cinema), documentary cinema, autoethnography 

Supervisor: Dr. Sharalyn Orbaugh, Professor, Asian Studies 


Ferguson, Joshua Mark. "Queering Methodologies: Challenging Scientific Constraint in the Appreciation of Queer and Trans Subjects." The Qualitative Report. 18:25. 1-13. 2013.

Ferguson, Joshua Mark. “The Haunting of Cronenberg's Cinema: Queer Monsters, Colonized Bodies and Repressed Desire in M. Butterfly and Eastern Promises.” Cinephile. 2010.

Ferguson, Joshua Mark. Queer japanese cinema: a rich and diverse cultural history's challenge to hegemonic ideologies of gender and sexuality. Thesis. University of British Columbia, 2010.


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