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Nina Ebner
Liu Scholar, PhD Student, Geography

Nina Ebner's research interests lie at the intersection of economic restructuring and mobility. She is interested in examining the creation of differentiated economic, and therefore inherently political and social, regimes that are connected to migratory flows from the United States to Mexico. She wants to examine both how an axis of exploitation and opportunity is created as a result of these processes and how it is then re-inscribed within the structure of labor markets. Nina wants to better understand the ways in which recent increases in migration from the US to Mexico take different forms, in terms of rising deportation linked to more restrictive immigration policy and the increase in outsourcing linked to the resettlement of transnational corporations in Mexico, which are involved in labor recruitment processes both north and south of the US-Mexican border. She also wants to investigate the ways in which market regimes are made and re-made through these processes of migration, specifically the differentiation and inequality that is generated from the intersection of different types of migration flows and their connection to existing and evolving political, economic, legal and civil institutions. 

Nina Ebner is a first year PhD student in the Geography Department. Before coming to UBC, Nina worked for a number of years for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). This experience has influenced her research interests in economic inequality and work and employment as well as her commitment to studying the different institutional mechanisms that contribute to the degradation of work and employment, in order to create effective policy and institutional regimes that can strengthen social and labor movements and contribute to equitable economic growth

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