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Regiane Garcia
Liu Scholar; PhD Candidate, Law

Regiane Garcia, from São Paulo, Brazil, is a Ph.D. student under the supervision of Mary-Anne Bobinski and the co-supervision of Dr. Jerry Spiegel.  Her main areas of research interest include international human rights law and public health and governance in health care systems.  She received her Masters of Law from the University of Toronto (Canada) and her Bachelors of Law from Mackenzie University (Brazil).  She has been a member of the Brazilian Bar since 1997 and worked as a lawyer in building public-private partnerships as well as constitutional-challenge litigations in São Paulo, Brazil.  She also lived in San Francisco (USA) where she fought for the legal rights of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Regiane is currently involved in a research project with Dr. Jerry Spiegel to investigate whether and how processes of constitutional and law reform in Latin America may be contributing to a more comprehensive realization of objectives of human security related to areas such as health security and environmental sustainability.  As well, she is also involved in several other projects, including the organization of an international conference for the reform of international criminal law that will take place in Lisbon, Portugal in June 2010, and the organization of an art exhibition to expand the ways we think about global health issues happening in March 2010 at the Liu Institute’s Lobby Gallery.  Regiane also loves running and doing the Grouse Grind several times a week.

Research Interests: International Human Rights Law, Public Health, Governance in Health Care Systems, Public Participation in Health Policy-Decision Making Processes, Public-Private Partnerships.

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