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Liu Institute for Global Issues – ISGP Program

The Liu Institute for Global Issues and the Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program (ISGP), Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, are partnering to recruit interdisciplinary PhD students interested in pursuing global issues research at UBC.

This partnership is designed to attract students from across disciplines who are interested in conducting and facilitating issue-based research. The Institute’s current areas of research are in sustainability, security, and social justice. The Institute is particularly interested in emerging issues that affect large groups of people in different places and need concerted action and new knowledge to find solutions.

The ISGP places emphasis on individual program design allowing students not only to cross disciplinary boundaries within the structure of UBC’s interdisciplinary institutions but to create their own interdisciplinary spaces. While drawing on interests and expertise within the broad UBC academic community, the ISGP also fosters an interest in building bridges to approaches to interdisciplinarity outside UBC. At its boldest and broadest reach, ISGP serves to bridge the two cultures of science and art, or more precisely, the four cultures of the physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences and humanities. Students must thus be highly motivated to take their research beyond recognized boundaries, or cultivate new methods and techniques.

Students in the Liu-ISGP partnership are eligible for shared office space at the Liu Institute, in addition to the support available for all Liu Scholars. Students should apply to each of the ISGP and Liu Scholar programs seperately. Once admitted to both students should contact Andrea Reynolds to request space.

For details on the ISGP, including deadlines and how to apply, visit

For details on the Liu Scholar Program, including how to apply, visit


All other UBC PhD students pursuing global issues research are encouraged to apply for the Liu Scholar Program, a unique program that brings together exceptional PhD students from across UBC to collaborate in cross-disciplinary research on global issues.

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